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Bassiani nightlife tbilisi
Tbilisi nightlife has become the beat of change in the city. Since police raided Cafe Gallery and Bassiani in May 2018, Tbilisi clubs have become world famous not for their sound, but also their spirit.
For a conservative nation with strict drug laws, Georgia has developed a very strong clubbing culture. The Tbilisi nightlife allows the city’s youth to express themselves when it may not otherwise be possible. The city’s dance floors have no judgment: a place where people can be free.

Where to enjoy Tbilisi nightlife


Hidden in the former depths of a Soviet swimming pool, Bassiani is one of the best clubs not only in Tbilisi, but in the world. Dark corridors and iron staircases lead the way to the main floor. Overlooking the swimming pool from the balcony, a sea of thousands of dancers pulsates to the sound of the beat.
The music quality is impressive. The beat rises above the crowd high into the depths of the building’s roof. It’s easy to forget that you are in Georgia when you enter Bassiani. It has become an important cultural institution in its own right.
Door policy: The door policy is generally relaxed. As with all clubs, don’t be a dick at the door and you should be ok. The bouncers do sometimes turn people away for no reason. It’s best to go in small gender-balanced groups and look hip.
Find it: 2, Akaki Tsereteli Ave (underneath the national stadium)|| Website

Cafe Gallery

Sandro, Cafe Gallery’s owner, originally opened a gallery space where he would organise small parties with friends. Within a few years, Cafe Gallery was born. Located on Rustaveli Avenue, Cafe Gallery hosts international and local DJs mostly playing deep house. When you’re done with dancing, you can hang out with locals and internationals in the living room come greenhouse smokers room.
The crowd here can vary depending on the night. Locals prefer to visit on Thursdays. In the daytime, Cafe Gallery transforms into one of our favourite vegetarian restaurants in Tbilisi
Door policy: Cafe Gallery’s has a relaxed door policy. Few people are rejected.

Find it: 34 Alexander Griboedov St || Facebook

cafe gallery dancefloor
A full dancefloor at Cafe Gallery.


Industrial techno vibrates through your whole body as you enter onto the packed dance floor of one of Tbilisi’s heaviest techno clubs. Located inside the foot of a bridge over the Mtkvari river, Khidi is on the map for those who love the electronic underground.
The club welcomes both international and local DJs who blast their beats through an impressive Function One sound system. Daniel Avery, Matrixxman, Broken English Club, Sebastian Mullaert, and many other DJs all graced their decks in 2017. Khidi has two rooms, both industrial and dark, with a total capacity of 1,200.
Door policy: similar to Bassiani. The club especially tries to protect itself from guests whom the door staff feel may intimidate regulars. As long as you are nice on the door and look like someone who has stepped foot in a club before, you should be ok. 

Find it: President Heydar Aliyev Embankment || Website

Drama Bar

Drama Bar is a popular venue to drink and dance before heading to one of Tbilisi’s bigger clubs. It shuts around 3 AM. However, if you want an early dance, this apartment turned club is a great place to head. Its smoking area makes it very easy to meet some of Georgia’s coolest people. When you see hipsters walking around with a bottle of Club Mate in hand you known the place is trying to be cool.
Door policy: Drama Bar’s door policy is unpredictable and strict. A bouncer will ask you to look into a camera before saying yes or no. There’s no point arguing if you don’t get in. Behaving natural, small groups, and having an unusual look can help you get in.

Find it: 37 Shota Rustaveli Avenue || Facebook 


Mtkvare is a small club with a big heart and one of our favourite places for Tbilisi nightlife. It is more upbeat and less industrial than Khidi and Bassiani. Here, a packed-out dancefloor dances to anything from tech house to disco, and house to funk.

The balcony overlooking the river is a great place to meet locals. Mtkvare has two rooms that both play great music. Hidden down a narrow corridor, the second, smaller room is like stepping into Sisyphos or Kater Blau in Berlin. You will find few tourists here. It’s a favourite among people living in Tbilisi. 

Door policy: The door policy is relatively relaxed just be nice on the door.

Find it: Nikoloz Baratashvili Left Bank || Facebook


Parampa does not get the attention it deserves on the Tbilisi nightlife scene. Located in Vake Park, this place is the friendliest club in Tbilisi. Heading to Parampa on a Friday evening is like going to a family reunion. Everyone knows everyone and everyone loves to dance.

The music is less techno and more deep house. One thing is certain – it’s always good. Parampa doesn’t stay open as long as other bigger clubs. It usually shuts by 5 AM.

Door policy: just be nice.

Find it: Vake Park || Facebook


On Fridays, Horoom forms part of Bassiani. On Saturdays, Horoom is a club in its own right when Bassiani is shut. Horoom DJs play mostly deep house. It’s a far smaller venue than Bassiani and can sometimes get too full. Nonetheless, the vibe is normally great here. There is also a large space behind the bar popular for smoking and relaxing. Horoom’s monthly LGBTQ, Horoom Nights has cemented Horoom on the Tbilisi nightlife map for its liberal values and freedom of expression. 

Door policy: Similar to Bassiani – small groups and don’t be a dick.

Find it: 2, Akaki Tsereteli Ave (underneath the national stadium) || Website

horoom nights tbilisi nightlife
Club-goers at Horoom’s famous Horoom nights. A night where acceptance rules and anything goes.
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