Georgia in Winter

Georgina in Winter Batumi

Georgian photographer Giorgi Shermazana creates beautiful photos of Georgia. His images of Georgia in winter depict the magical white-washed wilderness and city transformations. Mountainous regions such as Kazbegi and Svaneti reveal their harsh strength under white coats of armor. Georgia in winter can be overlooked because of the extreme conditions. We don’t think so. Here’s why:

Many visitors come to Georgia in winter to enjoy world class skiing in the Caucasus mountains. Ski resorts at Gudauri, Bukariani, and Mestia offer first-class skiing at a fraction of the price of ski resorts in the alps. During winter, city life continues uninterrupted. Batumi, with its mild climate, rarely sees snow. However, venture only a few kilometres into the Adjara hills and the scenery becomes a white-washed wonderland. Similarly, Tbilisi usually evades winter’s icy grip. It’s location in a valley between mountains prevents snow from reaching too often. Nonetheless, winter is never far. The white-capped mountains in the distance constantly remind the city of winter’s ever-nearing presence.

A trip to Georgia in winter requires more preparation. The correct clothes and mentality are vital to enjoy the harsh conditions. However, those who dare will not regret it. Sweeping views of pure white, fairytale Narnia forests, layers upon layers of monochrome mountains, frozen lakes, cold mornings and wood fires. Life in Georgia continues during winter, trudging against a white backdrop, awaiting spring’s warming breath. But, as winter slowly melts away, so too does a part of its magic. The snow cracks to reveal the colours hidden beneath. Nature awakes from its mystical winter dream in the light of a warm spring morning.

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