The graffitied walls of an old industrial sewing-factory emerge as you walk down Egnate Ninoshvili street. Its modern Soviet architecture rises from the crumbling pale facades of the surrounding buildings. Entering Fabrika is very different to what you may have imagined in Georgia. Travellers lie in hammocks next to groups of trendy Georgian’s discussing business plans on faded brown sofas. Hip-young remote workers sit at wooden tables, MacBooks and flat whites in-front of them. But, this is Fabrika, a place where prejudgements about Georgia should be left at the door.

A place where people come to meet and ideas live

The atmosphere is friendly. Strangers strike up conversations about their travels, the next big thing in tech or simply their love of Tbilisi. Guests have the chance to mingle with locals in an unusual way for a hostel. But then Fabrika is much more than a hostel. By day, meetings and workers fill the tables in its courtyard, an overflow of its coworking space, Impacthub. While at night, slurred conversations rise above the colourful bunting lining the courtyard. The cool folk of Tbilisi arrive in numbers, drinking and dancing late into the night. Free-thinking and creative ideas replace thoughts of heavy-police presence and traditional views.

More than a hostel: Fabrika is community

Hairdressers, restaurants, bars, language meetups, a ceramics studio, a skate shop, a graffiti gallery, rooftop yoga. Punks, hippies, rockers, mods, hipsters, hip-hoppers. Anywhere on the gender or sexuality spectrum. Fabrika has created a place where everyone is welcome. Although perhaps fuelling gentrification with its above average prices, it has worked hard to be inclusive. It has, for the most part, succeeded.


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8 Egnate Ninoshvili, Tbilisi || Website

P.S. If you wondering to eat near Fabrika, you should try Shavi Lomi. It’s just around the corner and our favourite restaurant in Tbilisi.

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