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7 Food
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9 Mta has the best khinkali

The crown for Tbilisi’s best khinkali is as fiercely defended as medieval Georgian soil. 9 Mta, a modern restaurant just off Freedom Square, is a valiant fighter in the quest for the title. Their khinkali dough is the lightest and thinnest I have tried in Tbilisi. The meaty juice is deliciously slurpy and enhanced with melted butter sauce, served in a small jug. 9 Mta only serves one type of meat khinkali, but they do it very well.

Beer and khinkali go together like wine and Georgia. The huge assortment of craft beers from all over the world on the menu at 9 Mta are liquid gold in a city where beer takes a back seat to wine. Beer lovers will be happy to find Brewdog beer from the UK, various German craft beers, as well as 9 Mta’s own homebrew.

Many of my friends slander 9 Mta for its much higher prices compared to most restaurants in Tbilisi. It’s true, at 8.20 Lari for 5 Khinkali and 11.50 Lari for a Punk IPA (fruity and hoppy and delicious), it’s not cheap, but for me, the soft and juicy khinkali paired with my favourite beer makes it worth the occasional indulgence. The staff are generally very attentive and friendly and there is a table football table (pro tip: play on the side of the gray players to win as the black side is broken). Aside from the khinkali, take a pass on the rest of the menu, it’s very average.

11am – 2am. Find it: 10 Galaktion Tabidze Street || Facebook 

P.S. If you have time, check out Kiwi Vegan Cafe just around the corner. It’s worth a visit for its community spirit and progressive vibes. It was the first vegan restaurant to open in Tbilisi. If you don’t fancy craft beers, you can check out another bar in Tbilisi like Ambavi, just down the road.

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